Northern California Men’s College Gymnastics Association was formed to re-build college gymnastics in Northern California.

Gymnastics is such a great sport.  Many young boys enjoy doing gymnastics.  Most dream of continuing their sport in college but the harsh reality is unlike years ago there is not much opportunity to continue gymnastics after high school.  Across the country there are only 16 school sponsored programs.  These programs recruit gymnasts who have reached a high degree of difficulty and prestige in high school.  There are many many gymnasts that do not get recruited by these 16 schools simply because there are not enough roster spots.

We want to ensure that gymnasts who want to continue their sport in college have that opportunity.  We also want to make sure that they compete against the NCAA funded schools where they belong.  The School funded NCAA programs simply cannot take every well qualified gymnast that comes their way.  We are providing an opportunity for those gymnasts to be on a team and have their shot at college gymnastics.

So join us and compete as part of a team with the other top college gymnasts!

We are starting our second competitive year and we are currently pursuing new recruits to be on the Nor Cal United team.

Stay Tuned for our meet schedule for the 2019 Season!

If you are interested in joining the team click here

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