First full team score comes tenths away from Southern California

The Northern California Condors traveled to Santa Barbara this weekend to face off against ASU Maroon and Southern California United. This is the third year for the still young Condor team, and it was their first time competing with a full team at a meet.

The Competition was held at the Robertson’s Gymnasium on Campus at UC Santa Barbara. There was a decent size crowd and a lot of energy during the competition.

Rotation 1

The Condors Started things off on Pommel, and it was a bit rough.  Eric Gralian went up first and after several falls and a 4 point neutral deduction Erik dismounted and received a very low score of 2.7.

Next up was Freshman Brandon Garcia. 

Final wide_-7

Brandon Garcia getting set for Pommel Horse

Brandon had a rough time on pommel at our opener with a score of 6.5.  Prior to the meet he was almost removed from our pommel line up due to a sprained thumb.  He knew how important his score was due to the disaster on that first routine.  He managed to stay on, and scored an 11.5 with a hit horse set.  Sophomore Brian Berryhill  competed next and like Erik ran in to some trouble with completing the required number of skills resulting in a 4 point neutral deduction.   He scored a 5.8.  Freshman Neal Mora-Ramirez went next and fell on the dismount.  He then repeated it for credit, but scored a 10.15.  Junior Will Ryan was the final horse competitor for the Condor’s, and he managed to get the second highest score of the competition on that event coming away with a 12.25.

Team Standings After Rotation 1:
1st – ASU: 60.300
2nd SCU: 59.700 out 0.6
3rd NCU: 42.400 out 17.9 (17.3 from 2nd)

Rotation 2

After a rough pommel rotation the Condors rotated to rings hoping to get things back on track.  Erik Gralian  was the lead off on rings, and he hit his routine without any major issues scoring an 11.6.

Hough Rings

Emmett Hough

Sophomore, but rookie to the college scene, Emmett Hough was up next with his first routine in college. He has the lowest difficulty of the team, and we were looking to him to have a clean hit set, and he delivered scoring 11.05. After Emmett Brandon Garcia put up an 11.3 for the Condors.  Will Ryan hit his rings routine earning a 12.5 and the highest ring score of the meet.  Hrant Gasparyan performed his first routine of the meet to close out the second rotation for the Condors, and he had a fall on the dismount.  Final score was 10.4.

The rotation came to a close and Nor Cal United put up 56.85 on rings which brought their team score up to 99.250 after two events.  So Cal United had some trouble of their own on the pommel horse scoring 46.25ASU hit some solid routines on floor scoring 63.00 for that event.

Team Standings After Rotation 2:
1st – ASU: 123.300
2nd SCU: 105.950 out – 17.35
3rd NCU: 99.250 out – 24.05 (6.7 from 2nd)

Rotation 3

The Condors took to the floor for rotation 3.  Emmett Hough got things started with a super clean set and the 4th highest score of the meet on floor.  His score was 12.8. Brian Berryhill went next on floor and had a little trouble keeping his feet under him on his

Hrant Floor

Hrant Gasparyan

dismount pass ending the routine with a fall.  Brian scored a 10.7.  Up next was Brandon Garcia who has a very difficult routine.  He was a little off on his back two and half punch Barani, so he tried a front tuck and did not compete the rotation. minus this fall he had an excellent routine.  Brandon scored an 11.6Hrant Gasparyan went next on floor and he made up for his fall on rings by getting our second highest floor score, 11.65.  Last up was Neal Mora-Ramirez.  Neal packs a lot of twisting into his routine with the highlight being his Randi (font flip with two and a half twists).  His landings were a little off today, and he didn’t fall, but only came away with an 11.1.

The Condors scored 57.9 as a team on floor. ASU scored 58.5 on pommel, and SCU scored 55.55 on rings.

Team Standings After Rotation 3:
1st – ASU: 181.800
2nd SCU: 161.5 out – 20.3
3rd NCU: 157.15 out – 24.65 (4.35 from 2nd)

Rotation 4

The Tri-Meet rotated to the final 3 events with So Cal United on Vault, ASU Maroon on High Bar, and Nor Cal United on the P-bars.

Brian P-bars

Brian Beryhill

First up for the Condors was Erik Gralian.  He hit his set and scored an 11.5 as the team looked to change their momentum going in to the second half of the meet. Will Ryan went up next and he scored the meets highest P-bar score 13.2. Brian Beryhill received his highest P-bars score of the year, 11.15. Brandon Garcia kept things rolling with a strong hit set scoring 12.05Neal Mora-Ramirez ended the rotation for the Condors with another hit set and a final score of 12.3. P-bars was very solid counting only hit routines and a team event score of 60.200.

On Vault So Cal put up 61.65 points, and ASU came away from high bar with 57.15.

Team Standings After Rotation 4:
1st – ASU: 238.950
2nd SCU: 223.150 out – 15.8
3rd NCU: 217.35 out – 21.6 (5.8 from 2nd)

Rotation 5

Neal HB

Neal Mora-Ramirez performing a Yamawaki

The Condors moved over to High Bar for rotation 5 and Emmett Hough Got things started with a hit set scoring 10.6Erik Gralian went next and kept the momentum going scoring 10.9. After Erik Neal Mora-Ramirez kept his routine on the bar for a 10.75Will Ryan received the teams highest score on High Bar an 11.5. Rounding out the rotation was Hrant Gasparyan who had a mishap on his Tkatchev and ended up landing on the bar.  He was able to finish the routine and scored 9.85 to end rotation 5.

The Condors earned 53.6 on High Bar while SCU earned 59.35 on the Parallel Bars, and ASU scored an impressive 65.95 on Vault.

Team Standings After Rotation 5:
1st – ASU: 304.900
2nd SCU: 282.500 out – 22.4
3rd NCU: 270.95 out – 33.95 (11.55 from 2nd)

Rotation 6

Vault Will

Will Ryan vaulting into second place

For the final rotation the Condors were on Vault, So Cal United on High Bar, and Arizona was on P-bars. Arizona had secured the victory early on in the meet, and So Cal United had a strong lead over the Condors.  We got set to go on vault with Brian Berryhill.  Brian had crashed at the last meet and scored a 1.0 so we were looking to him to have a strong performance.  He had 9.5 in execution and a final score of 11.1 to help the team get back on track after the fall on high bar. Emmett Hough did Kasamatsu Stretched on vault collecting a 12.65. Next up was Brandon Garcia.  Brandon performed a Kasamatsu at the first meet, and he had worked very hard to be ready with a Kas full (double twisting Tsukahara). Brandon scored a 13.5 and the third highest score at the meet.  Will Ryan was next with a Kas half.  He received the second highest score 13.55 half a tenth above Brandon. After Will vaulted the team was not allowed to compete until the other teams were also on their last gymnast.

Before the final gymnasts competed the team standings were:
1st – ASU: 365.45 (5 scores waiting on the 6th)
2nd SCU: 322.650 out – 42.8
3rd NCU: 321.75 out – 43.7 (0.9 from 2nd)

Arizona already had 5 scores so the final competitor needed better than 11.25 in order to improve the team score.  Southern California’s Troy Mendelson was the 5th and final High Bar competitor on High Bar, and Neal Mora-Ramirez was the final Vaulter for the Condors. We had managed to pull within nine tenths of Southern California.

Neal ran down the runway right as Troy dismounted with his triple back after a good routine. Neal hit a good Kasamatsu and his score came in first, 12.85. That put our team into second while we waited on Troy’s score.  He needed a 12.0 to win.  His score finally came in and it was a 12.35 which secured second place for Southern California.

Final Team Standings After Rotation 6:
1st – ASU: 366.200
2nd SCU: 335.000 out – 31.2
3rd NCU: 334.6 out – 31.6 (0.4 from 2nd)

We did not have out best meet, but we showed Southern California that we are contenders. It was hard to be so close to overtaking them, but I was very proud of how the team rallied on the final three events to close the gap we had allowed on the first three.

Our next meet will be Saturday, February 15th where we will host Southern California in a duel meet.  We are looking forward to having a better showing and hope to see a win next weekend.

-Written by Coach John Lucas

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  1. Awesome coverage of the meet! Praying that all participants continue with improved skills search time and no injuries!
    Go Nor CA Condors!

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